Exciting News: Our US Small Cap Product’s Seeding Window is Now Open, marking yet another significant milestone for mu Capital Management!

This innovative 100% long-only equity offering provides exposure to US Small Caps through an actively managed, highly diversified approach. Leveraging AI and finance theory, our data-driven strategy is designed to capitalize on trends, value, quality and deliver robust long-term returns.

Why choose an active solution? Passive US Small Cap solutions reveal that over 40% of included stocks incur losses. In contrast, our target portfolio holds around 95% positions of profit making businesses. Our active approach aims to enhance returns and reduce risks.

Why invest into US Small Caps? For investors wary of inflated valuations in the S&P 500, US Small Caps currently trade at historically attractive levels, both relative and absolute.

To delve deeper into our product and investment process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We look forward to discussing how our US small-cap product can align with your investment goals.

The product is available for Qualified Investors in Switzerland with a minimum investment amount of 10‘000 USD.