AMC on mu AI Equity Selection Europe

Strategy Description

mu AI Equity Selection Europe is a European all-cap equity strategy. It is broadly diversified over companies, sectors and countries. The strategy follows a data-driven investment process that combines modern finance theory with machine learning. The investment model undergoes continuous improvements as the result of a rigorous research process.

Key Information

Asset ClassEquity (Long-Only)
VehicleActively Managed Certificate
ListingNot listed
Issue DateMarch 31st, 2023
Reinvestment PolicyAccumulating
Issuer/Calculation AgentMahe PCC Ltd
Paying AgentISP Securities AG
Custodian/BrokerInteractive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd
Strategy ManagerMarcuard Heritage AG
Strategy Advisormu Capital Management AG
Management Fee0.95% p.a.
Administration Fee0.20% p.a.
Outperformance Fee15%*
Secondary MarketDaily liquidity (best effort)
DistributionQualified Swiss Investors

* Outperformance Fee vs Morningstar Developed Markets Europe NR EUR Index subject to a relative high-water-mark.