Since we started mu Capital Management in spring 2022, we launched our first product, we established a presence on LinkedIn, we built a website and designed other visible client materials.

In the background, we have developed our proprietary backend to power all our operations. Today, we would like to share some statistics about this not-so-visible yet crucial component of our business:

  • 180’000+ lines of code
  • 4’000+ unit tests
  • 3’000+ commits
  • 150+ releases
  • Hundreds of daily, weekly and monthly jobs running
  • Millions of updated predictions daily

We are grateful for what we achieved as a great team and all the support along the way.

Even though it is probably already our fourth iteration of setting up investment infrastructure at multiple players, this has been by far the most comprehensive. Hunting bugs turned into our primary endurance sport. Better never stops! Now onwards with the next improvements!